Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Michael McDonald = gully?

Okay. Outwardly, the former Steely Dan member might not look gully at all. But let me put up a defense for him. Get ready for my points.

A) Warren G sampled him.

Okay, Warren isn't that gully, but "Regulate" is heavily built upon "I Keep Forgettin'". And "Regulate" is a good song. Click on where it says -Click- 2 -Play- up at the banner to hear a MIDI version.

B) He looks like Dracula

After losing a few punds and putting on a black coat, this kid looks like Dracula on his latest CD cover. I saw another picture whre he was looking downwards and he looked a hell of a lot more like Dracula.

C) His alter ego is a kickboxing black dude

Above is Michael McDonald. Check out his stats. He looks pretty strong and he's probably suprisingly athletic since he does kickboxing. Admit it, a Kickboxing Dracula is a pretty damn scary thought.

OK. I give up.
Michael McDonald is not gully. He doesn't look like Dracula enough and that kickboxing dude looks Final veredict: Michael McDonald = Not gully.


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