Sunday, April 30, 2006

ODB AKA Dirt McGirt - A Son Unique Review

I didnt know this shit was even coming out, so at first I thought it was just some creative internet pirate's compilation of random ODB songs (a theory supported by that 2 of the 13 songs feature someone else, but I guess that happens in post-humous albums a lot), but judging from the cover art and shit, it seems official.

01 LIFT YA SKIRT feat. Missy Elliot
I seem to recall this shit from a mixtape a while back, but maybe not. I dig the piano (very M-E-T-H-O-D Man). I probably could do without the non-ODB vocals (Missy and a chorus of what seems to be little girls, but I guess that would be innapropiate considering the subject matter), but whatever. Missy mentions "shame on a n*gga".

02 POP SHOTS feat. Lil' Fame of M.O.P.
That Premo-produced song from a year ago or whatever, now featuring Lil' Fame. It's still pretty cool. Fame mentions "shame on a n*gga". 2 of 2.

03 OPERATOR feat. The Clipse & Pharrell
Very N.E.R.D. Or maybe not. I didn't actually listen to them, but this is what I imagine they would sound like. It would've been alot cooler if it wasn't so Neptunes-ish and more ODB-ish.

04 BACK IN THE AIR feat. Ghostface Killah
Thankfully more Wu-Tang-ish and less Neptunes-ish. The beat is not even that Wu-Tang, but it's pretty good.

05 WORK FOR ME feat. Young Chris of Young Gunz
Pretty cool drums and claps and ODB is awesome, like always, but really Young Chris? And they should re-think the synths as well. Come on people, this is an ODB album!

When I first saw the song title, I was like "oh shit is this referencing that one Elton John song with that one bitch?" and the answer is YES. Either severely retarded or funny or both. Can't decide.

07 STOMP feat. RZA
Pretty disappointing, actually. What the hell is it with that clicking sound? RZA got too "creative" here.

Miraculously not featuring anybody else, but again with the stupid synths and the chorus of chicks. I guess ODB kind of makes it work, though.

09 INTOXICATED feat. Raekwon, Method Man & Macy Gray
Pretty meh beat and hook. What the hell? THIS IS AN ODB ALBUM DAMMIT.

10 DIRTY & GRIMEY feat. N.O.R.E.
I should mention that ODB kills 90% of this shit, even when he's working with a pretty meh beat, hook, and guest. Case in point.

11 DANGER ZONE feat. Joe Budden
See above. It's got its Indian tinges, but whatever.

12 SKRILLA feat. RZA
Better than the other RZA song, but still you'd expect better.

The album closer, the other song with no guest appearences. They should've put more thought into the beat, it seems like they were onto something but then just gave up.

Call me whatever, but as much as I like ODB (no homo), most of these songs don't have good beats or guests. ODB makes it an entertaining record, to be sure, but you'd wish they'd put more thought into the whole thing. This is ODB's final album (hopefully, lest they come out with some duets-style shit), its really not the time to put a few random Roc-a-fella (or whatever it is now) weedcarriers on the songs.



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