Saturday, January 15, 2005

Why Nas Is Better.

So I was listening to a new Nas mixtape remixed by the "Chemical Kickdrums" (don't ask). So track 3 was "Got Yourself A Gun (CK Original Remix) feat 50 Cent". I was like "OK, whatever." I listened to the mix and even tho I wouldn't call "Got Yourself A Gun" Nas's best (by FAR) it was so completely evident he was better than 50 Cent in every single way. I'm talking:
* Breath Control
* Flow (no mumbling)
* Voice
* Multi-syllables
* Varied Rhyme Schemes

And of course, lyrics. Nas might seem like he is saying "go get a gun", but really he is making fun of all these rappers who go get guns (alliteration!) to make themselves look "hard". The 50 Cent verse they put in is a him talking about getting another gun so he is "harder".


Anonymous Blarst Marster said...

Compared to Nas 50pence has all the skill of MC Hammer.

2:54 PM  

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