Thursday, January 06, 2005

Random Things, Pt. 2

Ol' Dirty Bastard - Osirus (Official Mixtape) sucks?
according to Bol, yes.
But I wouldn't trust his reviews, considering that appearenlty he doesn't like Young Zee, or the new De La Soul, or the new Nas.

Unless you want to sound like an e-thug.

An iPod is an expensive cry for approval
...but if you're rich enough to think 4 square inches are worth $100, then hey...

Lonely People - why is that not on The Beautiful Struggle?
One more song like this or another TBS reject, "Seven Thirty", would get this over the 3 star range to the 4 star range. Obviously, some songs need to be cut, such as "A Game". Being the hi-tech guru that I am, I did this on a mix CD . I suggest you do the same.

"We have pathological romances with technological advances"


Blogger "Roland Pavlak" said...

I hate to sound liek im protecting myself against your Ipod bashing comments, which I guess I am, but i Know your expecting that shit so Ill do it anyways. I dont even falunt my Ipod, like ive seene veryone else so. I just use it to hold all my music, and i hide the earphones and everything in my hair and run the cords down my back so that its invisible.

5:10 PM  
Blogger Zodiac Digital said...

whatever...i would buy an ipod if i, like i said, thought 4 square inches was worth $100. theyre not bad or anything, just not worth the price theyre asking for. since the demand is shooting up while the technology becomes older, the price will drop real fast.

10:58 PM  

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