Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Ja Rule - Venni Vetti Vecci Album Review

This is my second transfer.
Original review

Before he was a wannabe Tupac/wannabe singer, he was a wannabe DMX/wannabe thug

Author's Product Rating: 0 Stars (Out of 5)

Production isnt downright bad, Erick Sermon, Jay-Z

Everything else

The Bottom Line
Ja Rule = nothing new, subject matter done before 1000 times better, vocal tone = DMX/2Pac. Avg beats, Ja Rule's terrible lyricism. Maybe d/l the E-Dub track, but honestly, you can do better.

Well before he re-defined pop-rap with half-singing half-rapping, and lookin so much like 2Pac it wasnt even funny, he was your run-of-the-mill NY thug. The cover shows ja in front of a statue of Jesus forming a cross (the one in Brazil, i think), praying. However, I wonder if Jesus agreed with songs like: "Kill Em All," "It's Murda,", "The Murderers," "187 Murda Baptiss Church," "Suicide Freestyle," and "Murda 4 Life". Praying for forgiveness, I guess.

Well the album kicks off with "We Here Now (Intro)", and I was suprised to see he wasnt downright terrible at first. However, he quickly continues to say the same thuggish bullshit about murder, its just plain tiresome. This is a flaw that plagues the album.

"World's Most Dangerous" has a beat that is effective, however Ja's "fuck the world" rants are, again, repetitive. Guess what "Let's Ride" is about? Like I said, tired. Then, the problem starts glaring. Ja Rule is the biggest flaw in the album, and the instrumentals and guest apperances are pretty good. "Holla Holla" examplifies this since if you can mentally phase out Ja Rule's lyrics, you have a pretty decent song to bump your ride to. "Kill Em All" and "I Hate Ni99az" drive this album nowhere, fast. More thug bullshit. "Suicide Freestyle" starts off somewhat promising, the subject matter is good (although Ja rhymes half the time), however, it quickly turns into another Ja Rule murder-fest. Also, though it was probably written, what kind of bullshit is putting a freestyle on your album? "Story to Tell" is about killing, and not really a story. And again, his monosyllabic (for the most part) rhyming is unimpressive. "Chris Black"? Skippable skit. "Count On Your Ni99a" that you just said you hate? I guess. This one shows Ja Rule tellin us to "Push crack like swingin' doors" but also that "dirty money [is] evil" and because of it he "lost a few people". That warning would, make sense if it wasnt followed and lead by the exact opposite message. "Its Murda" shows Ja Rule completely being outclassed by Jay-Z & DMX. Again, having less ja rule = better songs. "E-Dub & Ja" is Erick Sermon completely sonning Ja, by delivering the best lyrics on the album. "187 Murda Baptiss Church" another worthless skit. "Murda 4 Life" is a stupid title and guess what its about? Dont know? Give you 4 options:

A) Lambs and bears mating
B) Ja Rule's sexual pleasuring of Irv Gotti
C) Ja Rule killing people
D) All of the above

If you answered A, you are pretty fucked up, but if you asnwered D, you are pretty fucked up AND right. "Daddy's Little Baby" is Ja Rule's most interesting lyrical display, however, it is completely out of place, a "thug's soft side" song that is OK but completely hypocritical. "Race Against Time" is a thug's lament, again Ja Rule based on straight up rhyming of words, he is basic, very basic. However this song has decent enough subject matter to not be absolute shit. "Only Begotten Son" left me somewhat confused, but the same problems exist here nontheless. The album closes with "The Murderers" about him and his worhtless crew. The final result is a average-produced song with lyricism that is just absent. sm that is just absent.


Great Music to Play While: Shooting yourself for being so stupid to the point that you bought this.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

YO STFU and SUCK EVERYBODY DICK. You not even a hater thats the funny part, but idk man, u must not even like music to think that album is 100% trash, nigga youse a bum and use a fuckin bitch. I'm not even a ja fan, but after seein a review like that, u a fuckin disgrace son,while u home typin dis shyt which no body cares, im even ashamed at myself for responding, ja went platinum off dis album and was his startin point to the stardom he had lived under. So homeboy, GET A FUCKIN LIFE, fuckin idiot

1:43 PM  
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