Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Random things

John Legend Can't Sing
Read about it.
I respectfully sort of disagree. I think the song "Around My Way" off of Talib Kweli's 4th album, The Beautiful Struggle was pretty good. But the comparison to Alicia Keys is on point. The reason is, he isn't that good. But he's pretty good. Whatever. Ban Kanye.

Bars should serve Drinks with Viagra in It
If they want to avoid bar fights. Everybody would pop a huge boner, so no one would stand up. [Comment deleted because of lack of funniness]

I'm not really a preacher/saved by the Lord's power
Tho I pretended to be, and someone told me about their meth addiction/girlfriend's abortion. Sorry for that taxi_driver80

If You Eat a Monster Thickburger, You are a Man
What else can I say. It's the truth.

See you next year.


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