Wednesday, January 05, 2005

WTF did I just do?

I don't even know what to say. Yesterday I was on Soulseek pretending I was a person who was "saved by the Lord" and became a preacher and what not. Suddenly, a guy really believed me. He went into a whole confessional about how he is a crystal meth junkie and how his girlfriend was gonna abort in 2 days. I basically explained my whole stance on the abortion deal to him, but I guess what I said earlier might explain it better:

djxplicit09: pro choice
djxplicit09: but no one LIKES abortion
djxplicit09: i beleive people should choose, but its better NOT to abort

so, I basically told him its on him to think it through with her. And imagine my suprise today when I talked to him again. (note: name change to protect identity.)

[me] have you d/l'ed illmatic?
(22:30) [tax_dr80] nope
(22:31) [tax_dr80] been too busy with the crystal method
[me] damn
[me] so youre still aborting?
(22:33) [tax_dr80] nah, it's all good
[me] no?
(22:33) [tax_dr80] actually we changed our minds as of last night
[me] and...
(22:34) [tax_dr80] we wanna let it live
[me] wow
[me] did i have anything to do with this?
(22:40) [tax_dr80] absolutely
(22:40) [tax_dr80] i just got over the original panic...
(22:40) [tax_dr80] and thought about your good advice
[me] WOW...

So what was a stupid prank for my own entretainment ended up changing someone's life substantially. I explained this on another conversation with someone else:

djxplicit09: its weird, cause i was trying to have fun by making fun of preachers
djxplicit09: and instead made someone give birth?
WAstEd Lizard 88: eneded up doing a good job of being one
WAstEd Lizard 88: haha
WAstEd Lizard 88: wow
WAstEd Lizard 88: thats some interesting shit
WAstEd Lizard 88: Blog maybe?
djxplicit09: no doubt

I predict alot of future conversations ending like that. "Blog maybe?" "no doubt". I think this'll be my catch-phrase.