Wednesday, July 05, 2006


zen.JPGI'm currently searching for a new mp3 player. Only thing is, I'm not about to spend a couple hundred like I did on my old Dell Jukebox, which I dropped one too many times. Instead, I'm going the cheap route. I'll probably get something in between 50 to a hundred dollars, meaning something that will only hold around 512 MB or 1GB. It also means that the interface will probably be shitty. But I can't see myself paying several hundred for something I'm only gonna use when I'm riding the bus.

Only reason I see dropping $300 on a mp3 player is so you can have a massive amount of music at your disposal all the time. But who listens to more than two to three hours of music in one sitting. Really, all you need is, five good quality versions of albums you think you might want to listen to in that day, and when the next day comes around, and you wanna listen to something different, simply load it up before you go out. Sure, you won't have your entire music collection at your disposal all the time, but you never will.

Even with a 60 GB player, you probably still won't be able to hold even half the crap you have. If you're like me, and you're a music lover, you probably have several hundred cds and cassettes at your disposal, not to mention the 100 GBs you might have on your hard drive. Point being, until there's a 200 GB mp3 player, no one needs to spend more than 100 on a player. It just doesn't make sense.

Take cassette and cd players. If you're old school like me, you probably had a Walkman when you were growing up. If you bought cassettes, and listened to hip-hop, you definitely had a Walkman at some point in your life. And if you were like me, you probably had to have the one with the fm radio so you could listen to the radio when you ran out of tapes. And my guess, just like me, you probably broke one or two of them as well. In fact, if I combined all the cassette and cd players I've had over my lifetime, it would probably would number up around 20 or more, of course counting boom boxes and other portable listening devices. And between 10 to 40 bucks a pop, that probably added up to some major dough I could spent on something really important, like porn.

The point I'm making is that mp3 player are the new cassette and cd players of the future. And like these devices, you'll probably go through at least two or three every five years. Now, who the hell is so trend conscience that they have to spend a couple of hundred every time for a new ipod. I'd rather put my money on something nice and cheap, something that may not be as cool or stylish, but in the end, it still gets the job done. And that's why the next time I get a mp3 player, I'm going straight up discount.

My choices:

Creative Dark Blue 1GB USB 2.0 ZEN NANO PLUS

This baby is only 61.99. It does mp3s and wmas, even though I have very few wmas. It has a voice recorder and a 32 station fm radio. You don't need software, and you can use it like a regular usb flash drive, storing documents and photos.

Now if they only had this bad boy in black:

Creative Black 1GB USB 2.0 ZEN NANO PLUS

And if I wanted to go a little cheaper I could get this one below for 59.99.

Fuji Labs Black 1GB USB 2.0 Portable Audio Player

Now, that's what I call a bargain.



Anonymous Steven said...

I just bought a Zen Nano Plus after i had bought a 2GB iPod nano.

Thankfully, I was able to return the nano even though nothing was wrong with it, except for me the battery life was worthless. :P

Thos little creatives last pretty much forever :), plus! dont' rely on ID3 tag info, so your filename(s)all play in order in each folder :) perfect, it does use tags, but not just for the purpose of which track is first.


6:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a regular zen nano; but for 47 bucks at Walmart, I sure got my money's worth. I am going to fill it with hiphop and give it to my godbaby in NuJerz, and get myself the Zen Nano Plus.
Steven is correct in his comments about the tags; you kind of get annoyed that it doesn't have any info except the name of the song. But the little buggers hold A LOT of music for the price. Curiously, how much does the 1G hold?

12:05 PM  
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