Monday, May 01, 2006


There's this show on FX called Thief.  I've been watching it for the past couple of weeks.  First, I saw it over my mother's house.  Then, I taped it at home.  And when my vcr started acting funny, I possibly downloaded the past few episodes off of Bittorrent.

It's about this big-time head of this heist crew down in New Orleans whose wife is killed in a car accident.  He's forced to continue taking care of her daughter, his step-daughter, even though she hates his Negro guts.  The step-daughter knows that he just killed one of his crew, who happened to mess up big time on their last heist because he was on the pipe.  And the step-daughter, after witnessing the killing, becomes more suspicious about her step-father, searching through his things, trying to figure out who he really is.  All the while, he's being hunted down by a crooked cop out to get one final payday before being booted off the force, and a  hitman sent out by the head of a Chinese mafia clique whose money is stolen from a bank hit by the heist crew in the first episode. 

The crew returns the money, but the head Chinese dude still wants them dead, and he sends his nephew out to hook up with the hitman, who happens to have Parkinson's Disease, so that they can take out the heist crew together.  And all of this is happening while the heist crew is trying to get one big payday by hitting a DEA cashload on an in-flight airplane. 

Yeah, it sounds convoluted to me also.  But most of the time, it works.  The first two episodes are somewhat weak and stilted, but every episode afterwards has gotten better than the last.  The writers have built great suspense in the storyline, although I think most of the characters and plot devices are weird and unconvincing. 

Take the character, Bump.  The first episode has the characters how none of the guilt he will display throughout the rest of the series.  It felt odd that by episode two, where the events follow right after the shooting in episode one, that Bump would, all of a sudden, show guilt where he showed none before.  It felt more like a plot device than natural character progression, like they needed drama within the crew.  The same goes for Gabo's claustophobia all of the sudden showing up just as the airplane heist is about to go down.  And then you add Malik Yoba's character, all of a sudden, wanting see his wife and kids, bringing them to New Orleans even though he knows the Chinese mafia has a hit out on his head.  Alltogether, it just seems kind of weird.

Still, the show has me coming back for more.  And I'm looking forward to the season finale that's supposed to show this Tuesday.  Already, we've seen the end of the real nephew and the dirty cop.  Gabo, one of the members of the heist crew, has been shot.  The crew has just pulled off one of the biggest heists of their career.  The step daughter has run away.  And the feds may be just about ready to come after the people who've just stolen 20million from them. 
I doubt if all of this will be resolved in the final episode.  But seeing as I've heard that this show may not come back for another season, I hope that at least half of these plot lines will be resolvedby the end of this episode.


Anonymous Jules said...

Yeah, these new shows are not doing it for me. On the other hand, The Unit (no homo) is pretty good. Check it out.

3:20 PM  
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