Monday, May 01, 2006


I'm thinking of changing my name to Gristles.  Or Gristlez, with a "Z" on the end.  I'm tired of being a Doctar, with an "A" instead of an "O." 

I'm thinking either Savage Gristlez, or Bloody Gristlez, or just plain Gristlez.  Maybe add Brillo.  Or Brill-Gristlez.  Murda Brill-Gristlez, the Assassin.  That sounds catchy.

You know if you add Brillo to Gristlez, you get Beyotches. 

Or maybe not. 

Only reason I thought about keeping the "Savage" is that you gotta have a hard sounding name when you're associated with hip-hop, although I really haven't been associated with hip-hop in a long time.  But old habits are hard to break.  So, I'm still searching for something hard...  You know what to do.

Or I was searching for something hard...  Whatever...  But then I decided to go in the opposite direction.  I decided to go for uniqueness.  I wanted a name that I knew no one else would have.  But then I figured out that the only names not taken sounded really gay.  Like Flimsy.  MC Sissy-bot.  DJ Booty-Up.  Or the Limp MC.  Stuff like that. 

So, I went in a slightly different direction.  I decided to take aname that was unique, although I thought that it still might be already taken.  So I went with Gristles.  And then, to be even more unique, I added the "Z" on the end. 

Afterwards, I plugged my new name into Google, and nothing came up...  So I took the "Z" off.  And the only real thing I came up with was Throbbing Gristle, which was some industrial group or something.  But nobody came up by the name of Gristlez. Although, I guess I can tell why, especially after seeing throbbing gristle.  My new name sounds kind of ...  gay.

Still, I don't care.  I expect to still be addressed as Gristlez.  Although I think it's even more imperative that I add a mean sounding adjective to the beginning of my name.  Just not bloody.  I don't think I can handle a bloody gristle....  Do what you gotta do...


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