Thursday, May 11, 2006

Freeway Ricky - The CrackMaster

ross3.jpgHit them balls, you beyotch.

Rick Ross. Not the fat bastard down in Miami. I'm talking about the real Rick Ross, the one who took the crack game from some backwatered 1970s shit to the big time hood demolition killer it is today, the negro who took that Nicaraguan CIA money, and with the help of the Crips, made Crack the greatest ill in the inner city next to Pork and AIDS. Now that's some major company.

How did he do this? Let's just say that home skillet got lucky, if you call lucky being played like a bitch. Negro was targeted by this Blandon dude, who worked for this big time drug cartel king named, Meneses. Meneses worked for the CIA, recruiting beyotches in the US for the Contra movement down in Nicaragua. The CIA and Menses used cocaine sells to fund the guerilla war in the country.

Think of it as old school Vietnam, American Democracy vs the Communist Devils, in this case Castro and the Cubans, who the United States believed were backing the Sandinista government. So, the United States decided to wage war against Nicaragua, and used independent guerilla fighters, the Contras, as the foot soldiers. But the Contras needed dough to fight their war, and Reagan wouldn't be able to get them money legally, because, well, the U.S. wasn't supposed to be backing the Contras. So, the Contras had to think of other ways.

On the U.S. side, Reagan's dogs, most notably Ollie North, authorized the sell of weapons to Iran, who were, and still, our enemy. They used the money from these weapon sales to directly fund the Contra movement. And on the Contras side, they sent Meneses up north to California, who helped create a pipeline of Cocaine from Columbia to the U.S.

The Contras bought the coke from the Columbian drug cartels. They had that shit flown up north to Texas, and then the shit was distributed, first out west, and soon all over. But Meneses couldn't be directly connected to that shit. I mean, he was a revolutionary, right? So he recruited Blandon, who decided the best way to build some funds was to flood the nigger communities with cocaine.

Blandon needed someone who had connections, someone the niggers would buy from. And he chose Rick Ross. Rick Ross was drug hustling and had connections within the Crip gangs. He could sell to them, and they, in turn, could sell deep within the ghettos of LA.

Meneses pumped so much Cocaine up north, and Ross had such a great supply, that eventually cocaine, which used to be only affordable to the rich white type, was being sold at bargain prices on the street.

Another reason why prices were so cheap was because the drug cartels were using U.S. protected transportation routes to distribute the shit. Some of the shit was being dropped off at U.S. Air Force bases directly from Columbia. That meant that the distributors down south in Latin America could connect directly with the U.S. drug distributors up north in the U.S. And with distribution less costly, cocaine up north could be sold at cheaper prices.

Now, you're wondering what does that have to do with crack. Well, crack was popular in underground circles because the high from crack was immediate. It takes 10 to 15 seconds to get high off of crack, versus 10 to 15 minutes for regular old cocaine. So, for some cocaine users, crack was a better high. But to make crack, you still needed cocaine. And up until Meneses and Blandon flooded the streets with cocaine, cocaine prices were still pretty high. So, small-time beyotches like Ross just didn't have the bank to build in those circles.

But after the Coke flood, with prices cheap, Ross and the gangs could expand their profits promoting the higher potency crack. Crack was perfect. Crack was simply a cut version of cocaine with a potency equal or greater than the powdered shit. And the demand for that shit was on the rise. People were looking for a mass marketed version of cocaine they could smoke, since the vapors from the cocaine would reach their system at a greater speed. The gangs could sell lower quality cocaine that would still leave their customers satisfied. And they could sell that shit at prices lower than powdered cocaine, meaning their poor ass clients could finally afford the shit.

Of course, after all the hood beyotches around the nation heard the rumblings of what was happening out west, they had to get in on the action. So, that meant mo' money for Ross and the Crips, who started connecting with all the other gangs across the nation, spreading the epidemic throughout the inner city as we know it.


Blogger Zodiac Digital said...

thanks for the alternative history lesson?

6:49 PM  
Blogger Doc Savage said...

11:44 PM  
Blogger Doc Savage said...

11:46 PM  
Blogger Publius said...

Where were the Bloods during all this? And why don’t we hear about the Bloods and Crips anymore? I read in the Washington Post they are being almost pushed out of Compton by the Mexican Mafia and other Latino gangs and that Compton is now almost 60% Hispanic.

1:59 PM  
Anonymous Lefty2Gunz said...

The mexican mafia runs LA their the most powerfull force on the streets

3:36 PM  
Anonymous KING said...


3:49 AM  
Anonymous Marcus said...

Damn rick ross had it

1:51 AM  
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