Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Fox Full Of Urine

vincentefox.jpgI hate to be in agreement with Conservatives, but I can't stand Vincente Fox. I hate him and his accent. I think one of his great ancestors may have raped one of my great ancestors. If I could, I would urinate all over his Mexican face. And not in the good way. He wouldn't enjoy it, because I wouldn't drink water for over a week. So, my urine would be nice and yellow and funky, like the front of my drawers.

And I don't hate Pepe just because he's Mexican. I hate him because the dude hasn't come close to creating a Mexico where my Mexican brothers can earn a decent wage.

And I hate him because he promotes his people coming over the border illegally and putting their lives in danger just so that they can be used like slaves by the white devil, all so "his people" can send their slave wages back home.

Why? Because that's the only way the Mexican government can continue being corrupt and still staying paid. The truth is: U.S. dollars help prop up filthy corrupt Mexican administrations.

And he has the nerve to piss on the black man because we won't work jobs for crap dollars. That bitch don't know that niggers used to do those jobs for free back in the day. It was called working on the plantation during the slave days.

And the sad thing is that my brothers still had to work those jobs after the Civil War, after we were supposed to be free, all because Jim Crow laws forced blacks into segregated housing and low wage occupations, the same kind of housing and jobs Mexicans take this present day. And comparably, in terms of inflation, Mexicans ain't getting paid much more than blacks were getting back then.

And that bitch had the nerve to rip on blacks for not taking those jobs. Well, I rip on his bitch ass for promoting that his people be taken advantage of by a government that only wants their labor and none of their culture.

So, I whip this one out for you, Vincente. May my piss stay on you a lifetime, you bastard.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

do you not love immigrants?So remove to its companies from ours countries

5:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thats real, fuck this white devil promoted country, black men can have all the degrees possible and this racist as country still won't pay a wage you can live on, not ball, but live on. fuck amerikkka.

5:45 PM  
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