Monday, May 22, 2006

The Fall Season

Recently, the new fall season was unveiled, or revealed. Here are some of the shows I might be checking out next season:

Law and Order: SVU
The Office
Law and Order: CI
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Law and Order: SVU used to suck. I couldn't stand this show. But I found myself watching this show occsionally on Tuesdays, but only when the Shield wasn't on. It's gotten better over time. And I may have to watch it on a regular basis next year.

I've seen a couple of commercials for this show Kidnapped which have enticed me enough to catch the first couple of shows next year. It's about this kid who's been kidnapped, and, well, I don't know what else. I hear it will show, from different perspectives, the events taking place to save this kid.

Studio 60 has been getting a lot of buzz recently. It's the new Aaron Sorkin show starring Matthew Perry about the backstage crap surrounding this SNL-like show.

American Dad
Family Guy
Prison Break (possibly)
The Simpsons

I don't know what the hell's Standoff about, but it stars Ron Livingston, who most of you don't know. He spent a year on the Practice and was in that Swingers movie with Vince Vaughn, at least I think it was Swingers. It could have been something else.

The CW:
Gilmore Girls
Veronica Mars
WWE Smackdown

I don't see myself watching much of anything on the new CW. But I like wrestling, so I'll be watching Smackdown. And I've been checking out Veronica Mars here and there, and I've come to enjoy the show. But I might not make it through Gilmore Girls.

George Lopez

The Traveler is supposed to be this mid-season replacement show. And the premise is killer. Three dudes come up with this big time prank to play, but they find out the prank has been played on them, at least two of them. Because two of the guys get caught up in this terrorist bombing plot. And the third friend has seemingly disappeared. GOTCHA SUCKA! Ho-ho, that's funny.

I don't watch CBS


Anonymous A Lil' Bird said...

Not for nothing but I think you're gonna reeeeeeeally like "Studio 60."

4:28 AM  
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