Monday, February 27, 2006


Here I am, back again.

Man, was I sleepy this morning. I think I went to sleep twice just in the first two hours I was here. But then the working started.

And now, I'm back on the Internets conversing with the masses, or the one or two of you who happen about this blog.

So, what shall we converse about today. I guess, nothing, because there's nothing I want to talk about. How about those Olympics. That's a joke. One big joke.

Nobody I know watched the Olympics. Actually, no one I know watches American Idol either. So, I guess whatever whoever I know watches can't be considered a great gauge on what normal people are watching.

Okay, how about cable technicians. I hate cable technicians. One came out yesterday and screwed up my whole cable tv set-up. I had it so I could record ol' skool and with the DVR because Comcast won't let a brother record that good On Demand programming. So, I need a way around it. I also had it hooked up to two televisions in other rooms. But the technician wanted to be a big "B" about it and unhooked my whole set-up.

I wouldn't have even called omcast if On Demand was acting right. I gotta catch my Cathouse reruns. But whenever I hit the On Demand button, I kept getting an error message. At first I thought it might be the splitter, so I hooked the main line up directly to the cable box, and it still was acting up. So, I new either someone was stealing my cable, or somthing else was going on.

I told the technician it was coming from outside, but he acted like I didn't know what the heck I was talking about. And then he started acting all fruity when he saw the splitter. He called back to the office and tried to get me charged with hooking up extra lines. But luckily, the rep wasn't a "B' like him. So, he eventually left, and he took my splitter with him. Bas..., bad doodie person. Dangnammit. Always a brother.

That's right, he was a brother. Always one of my own trying to slide up to the devil by doing his work, like a that big eyed negro on Boondocks. People think that's a stereotype, but it's not. The ones that'll try to do it to a brother the worse is another brother, one of those house negroes. Hate'em almost as much as I ... Uh,oh, someone's coming.

I gotta go...


Anonymous Jaguar said...

Wow! You are still a fucking degenerate. Oh well you'll be okay.

11:36 AM  
Blogger JOe said...

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