Sunday, September 25, 2005

Another One Bites The Dust

WinMX offline - RIAA wins? Ya Right!
WinMX PNP Network Mysteriously Ends Operations

Image hosted by Photobucket.comEarly last week, one of the oldies bit the dust. WinMx ceased to exist. No one knows exactly why the software and the network were taken offline, but there's speculation that the company that owned the rights to WinMx, FrontCode Technologies, was hit with one of those RIAA legal letters, telling the company to end all that copyright infringement.

Many know how I feel about that copyright infringement. I hate it. Beyotches need to relearn how to buy shit. But still, it hurt knowing this trusted old app was taken offline. I used to use WinMx back in the day, back when Napster was still alive. The software was Napster upgraded. All the shit we all wished Napster was, WinMx became, including implementing that space-aged multi-user download technology. Plus, it had built-in OpenNap server list refreshability. Trust me, back in the day, this shit was sweet.

But when Napster, the largest of the networks you could connect to through the software, was taken down, WinMx became an afterthought. Many just went along and used the OpenNap servers, at least until the largest of these networks went "legit" and became Morpheus, later known more popularly as KaZaa. And still, many flocked to Audiogalaxy, another cool service that was struck down. And from the ashes of Napster, grew that p2p explosion none of the big boys could stop. Now, finding shit to "steal" ain't all that hard. Even the most ig'nant Internet user can get in on the copyright infringement. It's disgusting. It ain't even "cool" anymore.

That's why I'm going back to "buying" shit again. Sure, I might have to sell some blood, or some semen, but shit, I give up that shit on the daily anyway: the semen through my daily jerk-off, and the blood, through the blood-suckers who like to leech off my fuckin soul. Bastards!

But I digress. This here post is to show love to another one that helped me through those hard times. If it wasn't for WinMx, I might have not been able to listen to all those Tears for Fears and Duran Duran albums in their entirety. What better way to spend eight hours on a 56k modem in front of a computer screen every night. Ah. The sweet time I wasted.

I'm gonna miss you buddy, if you're really dead.

Rest in peace, you dead muthafucka. Rest in peace.


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