Monday, July 25, 2005

Observe the Wonders of Photoshop

Greetings ya'll, and apologizes to djxplicit/zodiack digital and the rest of the crew for not holding my weight as a contributor (uh, no homo?). I'd try and make some excuse, but who the fuck cares? As long as I provide something to read as you download your pr0n then it doesn't really matter what I say. With that in mind, I must direct your attention to this site. Here you will find the work of photo-retoucher Glenn Feron, who helps moderately attractive women look like goddesses...or airbrushed whores.
Either way, it is kinda interesting to see what a number of celebrities look like before their photos are retouched. Most of these women are pretty goddamn hot even before the retouching (like Halle Berry) but it's still pretty cool to look at the before-and-after shots and see how ol' Feron has used Photoshop to make somebodys ass bigger, their clevage more abundant, or their cellulite look baby-smooth. I don't want to start some innane debate about how you'd hit so-and-so without make-up (because really, you never will you goddamn internet junkie), but I do think that the whole idea of presenting someone who is flawed like the rest of us as an airbrushed beauty is an interesting phenomenon.
I think we all realize (or at least we all should) that most of what we percieve in our popular culture (as far as beauty is concerned) is just a charade, or an illusion; an ideal presentation that doesn't really exist. Like the fact that Alicia Keys isn't really that hot or a great musician but most people percieve her to be both because she (and her agent) present herself as talented and beautiful when really her whole success is entirely dependent on technology that changes the product she brings to the table, which is herself. Whether it's studio tricks to make her voice sound better or photoshop techniques that make her look more attractive, like Alicia Keyes, most celebrites aren't all they're cracked up to be. There's a lesson here to be learned but I can't tell you what it is because I'm just here to let dumb motherfuckers know.*out*


Blogger The Book said...

i need to post this on one of the forums im at for all the beyonce' lovers (no homo)

2:23 AM  
Anonymous Stacey Dash said...

I understand what you are saying, but no one should be surprised at these before pictures. Any woman deemed to be one of the most beautiful will not look the same without makeup. You have very rare exceptions. And I underline rare.

The problem is when makeup alters your face completely. There's a difference between an enhancement and an alteration. If you're a female that needs makeup to completly change your face, that is a very unfortunate situation. If it is just an enhancement, more than likely it's a normal decent looking girl who looks better playing up her features. Celebrities, and models are just regular women with money.

2:16 AM  

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